Saturday, March 26, 2011

Network After Work

Looking to make connections to improve your business? Need employment and desire to connect with companies or recruiters looking to hire? Want to sell others on your unique idea? I highly recommend the Network After Work event, being held April 5th, 6pm-9pm at J Lounge in downtown LA:

This event brings out all types - new business owners looking for partners or advertisers, sales reps selling their products to anyone who will listen, contractors hoping to expand their client base and knowledge, recruiters looking for new talent, and highly motivated unemployed (or employed) pavement-pounders looking for their next career move. It's an excellent networking event, coupled with free booze and tasty snacks. Bring a stack of business cards and a desire to smile and connect. Nothing is off-limits and everyone is willing to listen and share.

And as a bonus, the free booze turns a Tuesday night into something a little more flirty and fun. So that next business card exchange could be your next Friday night dinner date. Yeow!

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