Friday, March 4, 2011

410 Boyd is a happy hour of your time

I'd probably never go, let alone find, 410 Boyd unless I'd been invited by a friend. It's a decent little joint tucked into a corner of Little Tokyo off of San Pedro. I met some friends here for a happy hour drink and a bite to eat. They have a better-than-average happy hour, but sadly do themselves an injustice by posting the hours incorrectly. Most happy hours end at 7pm - 410 Boyd ends at 7:30pm, making it easier for my slow ass to get back downtown from the LBC, where I work. I could actually MAKE a happy hour in this lifetime with those hours. And the prices on their menu are all about $4-$5 which is great for the dollar observer.

On a Thursday night, it was mellow. Even our group was mellow. But that was ok. The bar is long and open, with plenty of room.
I hear Friday and Saturday nights get rowdy with a dj, and it appears this place could handle it. It showcases art from local talent. Is it good? That's up for debate. But I appreciate a place that hangs it on the wall and gives artists a vehicle to show their skills.

The menu is a basic sampling of...well, the basics. Healthy salads, nachos, I think I saw a burger, and a few desserts. Nothing stood out too much, so I ordered some fries. They were borderline too well done, but I like that. I seek out the crispies. Some might not, though.

The staff was friendly and helpful. By the time we left around 9pm, the place had filled up. There's an outside patio where most had gathered and a dj was playing music. The best part, I think, was the video screen they put up. The entire crowd was playing Rock Band, which was pretty cool, and some guy (a manager?) informed me they were going to move the event outdoors into the (free) parking lot and blast it on the side of the building in about a week. Bonus!

Would I go back? That's up for debate. I didn't leave with warm fuzzy feelings, but I give the place points for being customer-friendly, after-work friendly, and clearly party-friendly.

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