Saturday, February 19, 2011

Favorite things

I have some favorite things in downtown:

Angels Flight - the shortest railroad in the world. Actually killed an older man in 2001 after it derailed and slammed into the other car at the bottom. I used to ride this every day in 1997 when I worked as a temp in the CA Plaza buildings. The fare was $.25 and still is, I believe. Maybe inflation bumped it to $.30. It's fun and unusual and nostalgic.

The Grand Central Market. Best place for fresh, affordable fruits and veggies. Also great Chinese noodles and apparently the best taco in Los Angeles, though I haven't discovered the vendor for this. I heard a rumor...that's for another blog.

And my favorite, the Bradbury Building, famous for it's role in "Blade Runner" and numerous other films and television shows from 1950 - 2007. It's sophisticated iron work and glass ceiling make it one of the most breathtaking structures downtown. In my humble opinion.

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